Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another step...

Mom has gotten the ball rolling for banking Joey's cord blood. One he's strong enough to travel we will go down to Duke University to infuse the cord blood with the Dr. that I read about on http://www.fetalhydrocephalus.com She's done a lot of research on cord blood therapy for Hydrocephalus and it shows promising results. While there's no definite evidence that it helps, there's no evidence that it DOESN'T help either, and if there's even the slightest chance it could help with some of Joey's damaged brain cells I want to try. It's not cheap though, so that's of course my only worry about it. How in the world will be be able to afford it? Mom is a huge help, she's sending a letter out to the family to see if anyone would be interested in helping out. Hopefully if we can pool all our resources we will be able to come up with enough.


  1. Have you tried contacting you insurance company to see if the cover it? Mine covered it. It is classified as a medical procedure so that's why they did. But I know alot of Insurances won't cover it. It's worth a shot. Bryleigh was the 10th baby with hydro to have this done. We got back from Duke last week! Everyone there is so nice!

  2. I would like to donate to the effort. I think its a wonderful idea, and it sounds promising.

  3. Bless you Devan. Love you bunches!