Monday, February 23, 2009

No news is good news

We didn't learn anything new today, which is good. I'm always so nervous for appointments, afraid that they are going to tell me something bad. But everything was the same, so that made me feel better. We discussed the birth, which basically is going to be determined by the size of his head, or if I go into labor on my own, whichever comes first. I'm going to start having non-stress tests at my next appointment, and they are going to try to coordinate so I can meet with the pediatric neuroseurgeon, neonatalogist, and geneticist too so I can get all my bases covered. So we are getting closer! Oh, Joey's turned head down, which would explain why I've been SO uncomfortable lately. Right now the majority of his weight is in his head (from all the extra fluid), so having all that down so low has been a bit rough, but I'll deal with it if it keeps his lungs healthy and keeps him from coming too early!


  1. I am glad there was no other news, I agree that is good news. It sounds like you & Joey are receiving the best care. I wanna offer you ((((((HUGS))))))) and let you know I am here if you need me.

  2. I came across your blog and just wanted to tell you to hang in there! I just had my little girl 7 weeks ago. She was born at 37 weeks. Pregnancy was the hardest part. The not knowing and waiting game is hard! And being un comfortable doesn't help :-)