Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a loooooooong night

I believe we are dealing with our first shunt malfunction. Yesterday afternoon Joey went from happy - fussy in about an hour. Then he threw up. He was being quite lethargic, and while I was holding him I noticed his soft spot was bulging slightly. That sent me into panic mode - immediately I thought it was his shunt. So off to the ER we went. We actually didn't wait very long - I guess an infant puking everywhere in the floor alerts someone LOL. Poor little thing was SO dehydrated that they couldn't get an IV in him for anything! He got stuck like 10 times. Finally they got an ok from one of the neurosurgeon residents to do a scalp IV (these are usually a No-No to a child with a shunt - it was eventually taken out). Well after being observed all night with no bottles or anything, he just slept mostly. This morning I gave him a bottle, and he threw that up EVERYWHERE. Waited a while, tried again. Nope. Tried pedialyte, because I knew he had to be out of whack. Nope, that came up too. At that point he got the scalp IV, and that managed to get him hydrated enough. He also got anti-nausea meds. That must have done the trick, because he hasn't thrown up since. Poor little thing has been sooo sleepy. He was seen by several neurosurgeons, and they had the general concensus that it wasn't his shunt, but that he had a viral infection. What that had to do with his soft spot bulging, I have no clue, so I asked again to see the neuros to see what was up. FINALLY, the cheif neuro came in who is also the one who placed his shunt at birth. This guy is the bomb. I wish I could have seen him when we got in, because he immediately agreed with me that its the shunt. He did get a CT and Xrays in the ER and those came back ok (they even said that his ventricles looked the best they have ever seen them) but I was just worried about that soft spot. He felt it and agreed, so they tapped the shunt and the fluid was clear, but they weren't able to get any out other than what was in the little tube going to the syringe. That's not exactly normal, so I guess its a good chance its not working right. So as far as I know right now, he is going to have surgery sometime tomorrow to look at the shunt and see whats up. I just hope its not infected - that means a week hospital stay and I want him HOME! Seriously, my heart is breaking that he's not here. :( I stayed with him last night while Lee stayed with Emmy, so tonight is my turn to stay home with Emmy, which is AWESOME because I didn't get a wink of sleep and I need a shower badly. So I'll update as soon as I know something. Pray for my little guy!!!


  1. Sending you and your family prayers! I pray that if there is a surgery tomorrow morning it goes well and you hear positive news!
    Try to get some rest.

  2. Yall will be in my prayers!