Thursday, October 8, 2009

Surgery scheduled

for around 11 this morning. My husband stayed all night with him so I could come home and sleep and stay with Emmy - OMG I was so tired. He said Joey just slept - he's so lethargic. Poor guy! I'll post again after the surgery to let you guys know how it went. Keep him in your prayers!


  1. Sounds like you caught it really quickly...great job on Mom and Dad for getting him there so soon! We'll say a prayer for a quick surgery and recovery!

  2. I missed your post yesterday so I'm just now getting caught up. I am so sorry to hear what you ones have been going through. It is terribly stressful. If it is just a shunt failure and not an infection, be encouraged that within a day of surgery the kiddos are back to their usual self. Cayman has had several shunt repairs and it was always so relieving to see how quickly she recovered from it.

    I'll be thinking about you and praying! Please post updates as you can!