Thursday, October 8, 2009

Done :)

The surgery went well! Turns out the cathater/tube that goes from the shunt to the ventricles was clogged! Stupid doctors, they need to learn how to listen better to the parents - I mean who knows their kid better than the mom!!!! I told them and told them that it was his shunt and they swore that it wasn't because his CT looked good. So he is snoozing now - he's eaten a little and kept it down! Yay!!! The neurosurgeon said if he has a good night that he can go home tomorrow. YAY!!! I want him home sooo bad. I'm staying at the hospital tonight with him - thank goodness for wireless internet! :)


  1. Oh, what a relief to have the surgery behind you and the shunt is back to a proper working order! We've been down that frustrating road too of trying to convince the doctors that the shunt has failed. We discovered the same thing, that CT scans and x-rays are not a clear way to reveal a shunt failure. It can only be determined purely by symptoms which is frustrating because the symptoms can be so similar to just a regular virus. Good job on being persistent. I hope and pray that "going home" is on the to-do list for you tomorrow!

  2. Glad to hear the surgery is all done.