Thursday, July 9, 2009

My big girl!!

She's slept in her big girl bed for the past three nights! I'm so glad! Now we can start transitioning Joey into the crib, because he's getting pretty close to outgrowing his co-sleeper that's next to our bed. I took Emmy shopping so she could pick out her own bedding. They had all kinds of cute things at Walmart. Tinkerbell, Disney Princess, Flowers, Hannah Montana, and guess what she picks. Thomas the Train! Haha - she LOVES to watch Thomas. So I got it for her - I figured it would make her excited about sleeping in it. And it has! She's done so well with staying in bed once she lays down. And she's only fell out once! I tried getting a rail, but it was really cheaply made, so I'm returning it. Kind of makes me sad... my baby girl is growing up!

On another note, I haven't heard from my insurance or Duke about the cord blood infusion... ugh I sure hope my insurance will cover at least part of it.

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  1. yay for emmy! hoping that insurance will cover ALOT of the infusion!