Thursday, July 16, 2009

A little miffed...

So Joey has been having some issues with tracking objects from side to side. We know he can see, because he looks at us and smiles and stuff, and he can move his eyes up and down, just not left to right. I've been taking him to an eye doc. We had our first appt like three weeks ago and she said, well maybe hes just a bit delayed, lets give him some time to grow a bit. We weren't due back until October. But then she decides to call and make me an appointment for yesterday, so we go, and she starts wondering if maybe he has a TUMOR. I was like um, what? He had an MRI, and that was ok. So she goes off to call Radiology and they look at his MRI and see that there is nothing indicating a tumor. So she comes back and tells me this, and wonders maybe if he's had a small STROKE at some point. A stroke? What the heck. Basically she can't find any reason for this other than those things or a shunt failure, which he isn't have any signs of at all. I'm thinking she's full of it... time for a second opinion? Ugh. She ordered another MRI for him with contrast dye this time. I knew he would have another at some point - she's going to get with his neurosurgeon and see if there's anything particular he wants to be looked at so we can take care of two things at once. Ya... needless to say I'm a bit frustrated.

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