Monday, April 27, 2009

Miracles can happen :)

When we went to Cincinnati for the MRI and everything after we found out about Joey's Hydrocephalus, they were pretty sure that Joey had a problem with his bowels. Worst case scenario was a colostomy bag and lots of corrective surgeries. Well when he was born, we were of course concerned that he hadn't had a bowel movement. Well, a couple of days went by without one, and we asked the nurses about it and they said they couldn't find any reason to show why he hadn't had one. They did a lower GI on him where they inject Barium into his little bottom and they couldn't find any obstructions or anything, and lo and behold, the Barium acted like an enema and he had a GIANT poo!! The nurse said she had never seen a poo so big. We are soooo thrilled! We have hoped any prayed that the bowel thing wouldn't be an issue because in Cincy they couldn't tell for CERTAIN whether or not there was a problem, but they were pretty sure. But there's nothing!!! The only hurdle left to overcome is the Hydrocephalus. We still need to schedule the surgery - hoping that will happen in the next day or so.

God is good!!!!!