Saturday, April 25, 2009

He's amazing!!

Wow we have the most amazing little boy! He's doing so so well. If it wasn't for the Hydrocephalus then he would be perfect! His head hasn't changed size since he was born. My husband talked to a neuroseurgeon who was down there checking Joey out and he told us about a procedure that Joey could be a candidate for. It's for babies who have a certian kind of Aqueducal Stenosis. If its blocked or narrowed they can go in sort of like an angioplasty and dilate the Aqueduct of Sylvas and open it up. We've been researching it and it seems like it has a very good success rate! It carries a bit more risk than the VP Shunt but its also most likely a one time deal! So we are definitely looking into this. Plus if for some reason it doesn't work he can still get a shunt so either way he will be ok. I'm just anxious to do SOMETHING so he can get better and come home! I'm supposed to be going home tomorrow, and Monday we will hopefully be able to get the surgery scheduled for very soon after. It's been nice having free wireless internet in the hospital so I can keep you all updated!

Here's a link to my facebook photo album :)

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  1. Glad to hear he's doing so well! Is it an ETV he might be able to get? That would be great if that works out! No need to worry about shunt problems if there's no shunt! I looked at the photos - he's just so adorable! Congratulations again!