Saturday, June 27, 2009

We figured it out I think...

So the doc said Joey has something called "Anal Stenosis" which basically means that its too narrow "in there" to allow him to push the poo out the way he should. Kinda funny since the reason for his Hydro is "Aqueductal Stenosis." Anyways, we gave him an enema and a suppository and whoa, talk about poo explosion. The poor guy was really backed up. We also give him a little bit of Miralax and put oat cereal in his formula three times a day. We have to keep the poo as loose as we can until the doc shows me how to use a thing to dialate in there so it stretches everything out. He's pretty sure Joey will outgrow this problem, so in the meantime we just give him the stuff to make it easier for him to go. I can tell he feels SO much better after going finally. Poor guy!!

1 comment:

  1. I second your "poor guy". That's rough. Hopefully it is just something he grows out of, and quickly!