Monday, May 4, 2009

Been a busy week!

It's been quite an adjustment from one kid to two, but nothing I can't handle. The hardest part is that Joey's been having some issues breastfeeding. He latched ok in the hospital, but once we got home he decided he didn't want to do it anymore. My supply has been suffering from so much bottle feeding. I've used up my frozen supply I pumped while I was in the hospital. I've been trying to keep up the pumping, but I can't seem to get enough to get through any longer than overnight. Maybe I'll try Fenugreek... I heard that works really well. Oh well. Whatever happens he will be fed whether its formula or breastmilk.


  1. If you had a c-section, you might want to wait a little bit for the fenugreek - you're not supposed to take it within two weeks of surgery :)
    I hope the feeding evens out soon, it's frustrating I know!

  2. Oh I didn't know that about fenugreek. Thanks :)