Monday, March 23, 2009


Today was Dr. visit number 823948234. Not really, but it felt like that. I had a non-stress test (which I have been having twice weekly), an ultrasound, and then we saw the doctor. The NST's are pretty boring, but at least I get to hear Joey's heartbeat going strong. The ultrasound wasn't really anything new - his head size is measuring very big, along with his belly. They think he may weigh around 8 pounds already (of course most of that weight is from the excess fluid). So next step is to meet the neurseurgeon on Thursday so we can talk about what's going to happen once Joey is born. THEN more NST's, a doctor visit in two weeks just to check blood pressure and stuff, and then another ultrasound in three weeks along with an amnio to check and see if his lungs are mature, and if everything's looking ok, they could possibly schedule a c-section for the following Thursday! Nothing's definite yet, but it helps to see the end in sight know when that might be!

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