Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ok, finally an update! Joey is doing great :) Still getting PT and OT, and I think we will be adding Speech Therapy because he is having some feeding issues. He doesn't like pieces of food so we are still doing baby food purees. We also have a new toy, a stander. He actually really enjoys it! He is low muscle tone and just can't seem to figure out how to make his leg muscles kick in and stand himself up. He does it in my lap sometimes, but never on his own. He is still not crawling either, but rolls all over the place. He also just had his SECOND hair cut! He has some long curly hair that I LOVE, but he gets hot really easily so we had to cut it so he would be more comfortable. He is such a happy boy :) My sweetie!

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  1. My daughter did not eat solids till she was 18 months old, she would gag on any little piece of solid! I know that our OT said not to ever mix solids with pureed, to either give pureed by itself or solid by itself and so to stay away from the baby foods that have both in them!