Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am so excited

I am getting my first real, true mommy break! I haven't had any REAL time to myself since Emmy was born. I am going to Florida BY MYSELF and meeting my parents there to do something I've wanted to do since 5th grade - watch the Space Shuttle launch! Ever since I went to space camp when I was 10, I've loved all things Space related. I even took an astronomy class in college as one of my electives. I've watched almost every launch online and read lots of space books and websited. I am soooo excited! The best part about the trip is that I will get an entire day to myself once I get there because my parents won't be there until that night. So I rented a car so I won't be confined to the hotel until they get there. I treated myself to a convertible! I will be able to cruise the coast as much as I want, go shopping, sit on the beach, anything! I'll be posting lots of pics once I get back of course :) Yay!

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